The Moon We Watch Is The Same

“A debut recording from a young Nordic instrumental quartet, it combines the best of new and traditional music, technical brilliance and emotional understanding.”
– Alex Monoghan, Folk World (DE) – Read full review


“Not so much a band to watch as one that’s already arrived fully-formed.”

– Chris Nickson, fRoots (UK) – Read full review


★★★★★ “Being the debut album of the band, The Moon We Watch Is the Same sounds like an amazingly mature piece of work. (…) The band skillfully interprets their own and traditional compositions.”
– Juha Seitz, Pohjalainen Newspaper (FI) – Read full review


“It feels like FSQ is living through their instruments. The musicians interpret their music so sensitively, strongly and in the moment that when listening to it you want to cry, laugh, dance and sing regardless of whether the band is playing a polska or a ballad.”
– Arja Kangasniemi, Kansanmusiikki (FI) – Read full review


“Full of catchy tunes and virtuoso playing. All group members demonstrate their abilities – even as composers.”
– Allan E. Petersen, Rootszone (DK) Read full review


Their improvisational playing is an art in itself! (…) Highly recommended!”
– Jutta Schütte, Folkmagazin (DE) – Read full review


A nordic ”folk gumbo” that actually works. Tight and varied. You get in a good mood, which isn’t the worst these days!
– Spelmannen (SE) – Read full review


“A successful first album, to be followed.”
– Marc Bauduin, Le Canard Folk (BE) – Read full review


“Pleasent and above all enjoyable.”
– Rasmus Klockljung, Lira (SE) – Read full review


★★★★ “Acoustic swing and enjoyment which brings a smile to the face of the listener”
– Kimmo Nevalainen, Karjalainen (FI) – Read full review


“The four young musicians in FSQ seem like they have good fun playing together, but without forgetting the more thoughtful and melancholic elements.”
– Tove Djupsjöbacka, Hufvudstadsbladet (FI) – Read full review

Clara Tesch

Leija Lautamaja

3. SJÄLASCHOTTISH (Schottish for the Soul)
Malte Zeberg

4. JOMFRUEN OG MÅNEN (The Maiden and the Moon)
Jomfru i Ulveham sung by Christen Sørensen Thomaskjær (1841-1919), Virklund, Denmark
The Moon We Watch Is the Same by Leija Lautamaja

5. LÖSNINGEN (The Solution)
Malte Zeberg

Mads Kjøller Henningsen / trad. Fanø, Denmark

 7. TÄNÄÄNKÄÄN EI SATANUT (Another Day without Rain)
Leija Lautamaja

Engelska efter Jöns Persson trad. Skåne, Sweden
Firtur fra Skælskør trad. Denmark
Viinapirun polska trad. Finland, played by Martti Paavokallio, Lehtimäki

9. OPDAGEDE OMSIDER (Finally Learned)
Clara Tesch

Clara Tesch

11. VILL DU FLYGA? (Do You Want to Fly?)
Leija Lautamaja

Leija Lautamaja

Mads Kjøller Henningsen

All arrangements by Floating Sofa Quartet – except Jomfru i Ulveham and Kikkebjerget arranged by Mads Kjøller Henningsen & Opdagede Omsider arranged by Clara Tesch.

Jomfru i Ulveham was recorded on phonograph by the Danish folklorist Hakon Grüner-Nielsen in 1909.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Louise Nipper at Soundscape Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark

Cover photo by Ivan Riordan Boll

Cover art & layout by Jimmy Träskelin

Released and published by GO’ Danish Folk Music