Sofa Songs (2023)

“…this is an epic project in its scope, and the band pulls it off with superb style”
– Chris Nickson RootsWorld – Read full review


It is a strong and remarkable achievement by the quartet that they have managed to get to the core of each of the fundamentally different songs and singers and thereby contributed to a symbiotic cohesion.”
– Niels Thorlund , Rootszone(DK) – Read full review

The Nordic folk music band Floating Sofa Quartet releases their third album Sofa Songs featuring an impressive line-up of Danish, Finnish and Swedish singers and songwriters.

”We all love a good song and we feel lucky and privileged that some of our favorite singers wanted to be on board for this!” says the flutist of FSQ, Mads Kjøller Henningsen from Denmark. The Sofa Songs album shows what a wide range of different things the term ’folk song’ can mean in the Nordic context. It can be a medieval ballad, a newly written protest song or a tango composed during a time of war. Some of the recording sessions were planned years in advance – and when the time finally came some of these songs had become frighteningly relevant. ”A good song is ageless and even if the context and time is different for everyone, the same song can touch many of us deeply.” says the Finnish member of the band, accordionist and harmonium player Leija Lautamaja.

The Sofa Songs have already been published online as nine live music videos between 2019-2022. During this period Floating Sofa Quartet met with nine singers from Denmark, Finland and Sweden to record and film their songs at nine different locations that meant something to each of the artists. The sessions were recorded and filmed in cooperation with local sound engineers and videographers. Every song was arranged with the singer and approached as an individual piece of art. This work method has definitely made a mark on the music and sound of each song.

Guest singers are: Lars Lilholt, Pia Raug and Mia Guldhammer from Denmark, Topi Saha, Maria Kalaniemi and PK Keränen from Finland and Ale Möller, Izabelle Norén and Esbjörn Hazelius from Sweden.

1. KUN EEN JORD feat. Lars Lilholt – Live Session
Music and lyrics by Lars Lilholt
Outro: Rigadon from Brødrene Basts collection of fiddle tunes (ca. 1763-1782), Copenhagen

2. UKKOSEN TYTTÖ feat. Topi Saha – Live Session
Music and lyrics by Topi Saha
published by Warner Chappel Finland 

3. LILJAN feat. Maria Kalaniemi – Live Session
Composed by Toivo Kärki, lyrics by Kerttu Mustonen, translated by Lars Huldén
published by Warner Chappel Finland

4. GE OSS NÅGONTING ATT HOPPAS PÅ feat. Ale Möller – Live Session
Music and lyrics by Ale Möller

5. SOM STJERNERNE PÅ HIMLENS BLÅ feat. Mia Guldhammer – Live Session
Music and lyrics trad. Denmark
Interlude: Minuette from Jens Christian Svabos tunebook (1775), Copenhagen/

6. KOMMA SKALL feat. Izabelle Norén (IZHAV) – Live Session
Music and lyrics by Izabelle Norén
Interlude: Rebslagerdantz from Brødrene Basts collection of fiddle tunes (ca. 1763-1782), Copenhagen

7. FUGLEFLUGT feat. Pia Raug – Live Session
Music and lyrics by Pia Raug
Interlude: Duetto Fagotto from Johan Jacob Rebachs collection as played by Sonnich Lydom / Gangspil

8. BERGAKUNGEN feat. Esbjörn Hazelius – Live Session
Music and lyrics trad. Sweden

9. TUU ILLALLA feat. PK Keränen – Live Session
Music and lyrics trad. Finland

All arrangements by Floating Sofa Quartet & guests

Artistic production by Floating Sofa Quartet

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Lees (1), Samuli Volanto (2), Mathæus Bech (3 & 6), Mårten Hillbom (4), Sofie Ward (5 & 7), Uffe Birk & Sami Jormanainen (8), Casper Augustenborg (9)

Mastered by Louise Nipper / Soundscape Studio 

Released and published by GO’ Danish Folk Music

The Sofa Songs project was supported by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund and KODA.