• Photo: Palle Bech Jørgensen

  • Photo: Ivan Boll


Floating Sofa Quartet is a modern Nordic folk music ensemble consisting of four young musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
With a unique combination of instruments this quartet performs handmade music with a scent of dewy pine trees, salty sea breezes, and freshly brewed coffee. They play a mixture of their own compositions and traditional pieces from their respective countries; tender melodies and feisty dance tunes are performed with intriguing harmonies, intensity, humor and the warm acoustic sound of wooden instruments. Take a seat on the sofa and float away!

“It feels like FSQ is living through their instruments. The musicians interpret their music so sensitively, strongly and in the moment that when listening to it you want to cry, laugh, dance and sing regardless of whether the band is playing a polska or a ballad.”
– Arja Kangasniemi, Kansanmusiikki (FI)