Leija Lautamaja

From: The city of Alavus, located in county of Southern Ostrobothnia, Suomi Finland. Is currently based in Helsinki.

Plays: Harmonium and melodeon. In other occasions also sings and likes to play mandolin.

Eats: A lot and most likely delicious food with no meat but yes cheese.

Likes: To read and enjoys good books (like ones by Haruki Murakami or Ulla Lena Lundberg). Finnish rap music, cats and body pump. Having time to be home and cook and bake bread. Beer and jokes. Going out to see gigs with friends. Summer festivals. Bicycling around Helsinki in the Summer. To jam and loves to play gigs. Karaoke.

Watches: Television when there’s one because doesn’t own one. Preferably something light. Although The Bridge is nice even if it’s a bit scary.

Recommends: Dancing and participatory music making.

Favorite folk dance: Schottisch… Or really anything with a good partner who takes the lead.

Malte Zeberg

From: Lund, Sweden

Plays: Double bass (Unknown Czech builder 1847.)

Eats: Vegetarian food from all over the world, preferably Indian or Thai! … and crisps.

Likes: Board games, vegan cooking, strange instruments, cultural clashes, cinema, watching wild animals (especially squirrels).

Watches: Anything with super heroes! Nature documentaries, Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones.

Recommends: Snus and Coffee

Favorite folk dance: Waltz!!

Clara Tesch

From: Helsingør (“Elsinore – City of Hamlet!”), Denmark

Plays: Violin and viola. Sings ocassionally.

Eats: Olives, spinach, mushrooms, green beans… Sourdough bread and goat cheese. And everything good and vegetarian in general.

Likes: Dancing, cooking, travelling, being at home, nice colors and textures, old and weird traditions of singing-dancing-playing, fresh air, series, slow mornings, nice harmonies, green initiatives, good comic strips, coffee and home grown vegetables.

Watches: SKAM and videos of happy dogs.

Recommends: Breathing, knitting and Breton chain dancing.

Favorite folk dance: Waltz, sønderhoning and all sorts of polskas.

Mads Kjøller Henningsen

From: Hareskovby – a peaceful small-town bordering “Hareskoven” – a lovely forrest north west of Copenhagen. Currently living with Clara on Amager (Copenhagen).

Plays: Simple system wooden flute (built by Tony Millyard and Sophie Matthews) and a bit of Swedish bagpipes (by Alban Faust).

Eats: Everything that’s good!

Likes: A good jam session, travelling, arranging music, good food, good coffee, good beer, sexy chords, plenty of sleep and pancakes.

Watches: The Office (U.S. Version), Peaky Blinders, various documentaries and historical movies.

Recommends: Playing an instrument… also Hendricks Gin and Tonic with a slice of cucumber and plenty of ice.

Favorite folk dance: Sønderhoning – you just can’t beat it!